Kawatsuru Shuzo

​Est 1891 from Kagawa



- About Kawatsuru Shuzo -

The Kawatsuru Sake Brewery was established in the year Meiji 24 (1891). At the young age of 39, President Kawahito is the sixth generation of the company’s leadership. They brew sake from the underground waters of the Saita River, which flow out from the remote corners of the Asan Mountains. This river is also know as the Takarada river. As its water is seen as bringing treasures to the surrounding rice fields. From the spring water of this river, they brew sake with a powerful, refreshing taste.

The brewery is located in between Setouchi sea and Mt. Asan. Kagawa prefecture is blessed with fresh seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables. To complement those quality local foods and cuisines, Kawatsu brews pure straight forward sake which described as “umakuchi,” a combination between sweet, dry and umami flavors. balance, subtlety, lingering finish and harmony among its delicate flavors. 

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