Senkin Shuzo

​Est 1806 from Tochigi




- About Senkin Shuzo -

 Senkin means a crane serving to the god. They have been inheriting this brand name for more than 200 years. The current brewery owner is just 35 years old and used to work as a wine sommelier. Right after he just came back to the brewery in 2003, his renovation has been started. Their previous style was typical dry and clean old school one. To differentiate themselves by the other breweries, they utilize the local natural resources 100% and shifted to the pure domaine style. Their feeling of respect to their local nature is extraordinary.

 100% domaine is Senkin’s brewing style. All living things including human never survive without water. Water is the most important component for sake as well. 80% of ingredients of sake is water and rest of 20% is rice. As you may know to grow rice, we need more than 100 times higher amount of water than the other crops. Sake brewing has to be started from water. Senkin only uses the rice grows in the rice field sharing the same water source with their brewery. There must be the invisible good pairing by sticking with domaine style.

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