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Est 1534 from Shiga

Shichihon Yari

Junmai​ "Wataribune"

Complexity / Rice Aroma / Full Body

Rice polishing is low rate 77%. Tomita Shuzo brews full body with rich rice umami which is a great pair with rich taste dishes. This sake has complex flavor as acidity, bitterness, sweentness and dri umami. A sake rice "wataribune" was once endangered but some Shiga breweries and local rice farmers coorporated to revive the rice. The legendary brewery Shichihonyari brews sake with legendary rice delivers the ancient taste of Japan.

Pizza, BBQ, Steak,  


Kura Master: 2018 Gold

YEAR: 2018

RICE: Watari Bune


ABV: 16%

SERVE: Cold 10-15℃ 

Volume: 720ml

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