Tomita Shuzo

​Est 1534 from Shiga


Shichihon Yari

- About Tomita Shuzo -

With a history stretching back over 470 years – to the Tenmon era – this certainly ranks among the oldest breweries in Japan, situated at the northernmost tip of Lake Biwa and overlooked by Mt. Shizugadake. The current fifteenth serving head brewer – who bears a passing resemblance to film actor Tadanobu Asano – dedicates himself to practicing and teaching traditional environmentally sustainable brewing methods, making use of a cellar constructed back in the Edo Period. The name of the brewery refers to the Shichi Hon Yari – or ‘Seven Spearmen’ – of Mt. Shizugadake, who are said to have aided the famous warlord Hideyoshi Toyotomi in his attempt to become the unifier of Japan during the Sengoku Period. 

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