Emishiki Shuzo

​Est 1892 from Shiga



- About Tomita Shuzo -

Emishiki Brewery is located at Koka city where as known as one of the 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō are the rest areas along the Tōkaidō, which was a coastal route that ran from Edo (modern-day Tokyo) to Kyoto. 


The driving concept in Emishiki is that “sweetness reigns supreme”, which was introduced by the fifth and current Chief Manager, Atsunori Takeshima, when he assumed the role in 2009 and began to gain a reputation as a maverick in the industry. His commitment to challenging accepted norms as a brewer arises from his nature as an avid sake consumer as well, leading him to practice methods others might regard as flirting with madness. In breaking the mold, Emishiki pursues a “delicious and novel style for Japanese sake” – a concept which is also apparent in its catchy title and innovative label designs. As with anything pop, it can be difficult to keep pace with a line-up that constantly changes year upon year, but in this case the extra effort reflects favorably on the strength of their reputation.

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