Our Producers

Niizawa’s brewers give their best in every step and follow the brewery’s guiding principle of producing the “ultimate sake during meals.”

Kawatsuru Shuzo

​Est 1891 from Kagawa

Kawatsuru is blessed with beautiful mountains and Seto island sea. It's sake is full of umami and minerals that paired well with a variety of foods

Niizawa Jozoten

​Est 1873 from Miyagi

Its label Zaku has won many prestige awards at the most important sake competition around the world. 

One of most eldest and respected sake brewery. Tomita's sake is classic like good old days sake that comforts you.

Shimizu Seizaburo


​Est 1869 from Mie

Tomita Shuzo

​Est 1534 from Shiga

Emishiki Shuzo

​Est 1892 from Shiga

Tenzan Shuzo

​Est 1861 from Saga

The brewery is surrounded by the land of fireflies. Their sake has been winning many awards at the international sake competitions.

Emishiki brews unique and astonishing flavored sake.

Not like any sake you've ever tasted before

Heiwa Shuzo

​Est 1928 from Wakayama

Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, blessed with high precipitation, this results in a boundless supply of good quality soft spring water, perfect for brewing Sake.

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